Counselor-In-Training Program

The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program at Camp Woodcraft offers teens ages 14-17 a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills while exploring an environmental and outdoor education career pathway. CIT’s learn to become effective leaders, work with peers to design engaging team building activities, practice activity facilitation and public speaking, and work closely with activity instructors to support campers in activities.

Each year, CITs typically go on to become camp counselors and after-school program leaders, developing life skills and career interests in the fields of youth development, outdoor education, environmental advocacy, and more.

Benefits of being a CIT

  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • College & Career Guidance
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Learn Transferrable Job Skills
  • Prepare to be Camp Counselor or Afterschool Program Leader
  • Explore career interests in youth development, outdoor education, and more!

Applications Closed for Summer 2024

Program Goals

  • Leadership Development: Participants will lead team building activities to practice intentional leadership skills.
  • Youth Development: Participants will learn and practice tactics for engaging, leading and supporting campers through camp activities.
  • Basic Job Skills: Participants will learn and demonstrate fundamental basic job functions.


CITs are 14-17 year-old, with priority given to Camp Woodcraft returners or Woodcraft Rangers participants or alumni. Eight CITs are selected per week and each CIT is paired with a returning camp counselor and led by the camp manager.


  1. Orientation/Training: CITs will participate in a 1.5 hour training session upon arriving at camp to review expectations and tactics for their role as CITs.
  2. Mentoring: CIT’s will be placed in a unit together with a mentor camp counselor for immediate feedback/guidance when in practice and throughout the week.
  3. Practice: CITs will lead specific activities throughout the day including activity transitions, team building exercises, games, and preparing for camp-wide activities. Desired observable practices include managing group and individual behavior, use of appropriate tone of voice, conflict management, and building healthy relationships with campers.
  4. Reflection: CITs will have opportunities to reflect individually, as a CIT cohort, and with their mentors to reinforce their learning.

CIT Program FAQs

The camp director or camp manager will be in contact in 1-2 business days to finalize the application process. Be prepared to spend 5-10 minutes finalizing registration.

If selected to participate in Camp Woodcraft as a CIT, participants will pay a subsidized rate of $250 for the camp week. Accommodation and meals included. 

Yes, transportation to and from camp is included.

Yes. CIT’s have a unique opportunity to engage in all camp activities from a different perspective. They will work closely with camp counselors to design and facilitate activities and get to participate alongside campers in evening activities.

Yes. CIT’s will be in their own unit in which they will work together throughout the week to develop their leadership skills through activity implementation and workshops. At the end of each day CITs also gather for reflection led by their mentor camp counselors. CITs reflect on their activities, observations and interactions. They identify learnings, successes and challenges, and discuss any additional relevant topics that are important to their individual growth and development within the program.


CIT’s sleep in cabins based on gender. They sleep with others who are also CIT’s with their mentor camp counselor. CIT’s shower in the nearby restroom that have individual showers.