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Communities are built by individuals who care about one another, no matter where they come from, where they worship or what language they speak at home. That’s why Woodcraft Rangers focuses on relationship building. When they get to camp, campers are grouped into age-based units that focus on friendship and teamwork. Together these units work together on projects, like creating their camp songs and competing for the Golden Broom for the cleanest cabin. Maybe even winning the coveted Spirit Stick!

Camp for All

Whether you are from Beverly Hills or South LA, Santa Monica or South Gate, you are an Angeleno. From its beginnings at a time when the metro area itself was taking root, Woodcraft Rangers has always shared an optimistic and progressive spirit with its mother city. Guided by the universal symbol of the campfire, all youth, regardless of religious, ethnic or socioeconomic background, were invited to participate and embraced with the notion that every child is innately good, deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential, and should become an active participant in defining their own path.

Woodcraft Rangers has always been committed to accessibility and affordability: it’s in our DNA. We therefore provide scholarships and subsidies to as many families as possible.

The Woodcraft Way

Exploration is vital to the Woodcraft Way. Coined by Ernest Thompson Seton, author, naturalist and one of the founders of the scouting movement, the Woodcraft Way encourages young people to develop a holistic sense of self: body, mind, spirit and service. All Woodcraft programs are designed to build character, strength, resiliency, a deeper understanding of one’s place in the world, and a greater commitment to nature and the community.

The Woodcraft Way is built into the camp experience.

The Woodcraft Way

From ropes courses to soccer games, campers of all ages and abilities get physical while testing their limitations, building strength, improving skills and having fun.

From rocket launchers to robotics, STEM-based activities are infused into every camp day, expanding campers’ understanding of the how things work and how to build them.

From arts and crafts to mountain hikes, campers are encouraged to reflect. They journey inward to explore their creativity and outward into the natural world. From tiny bugs to soaring trees, rangers get to experience life’s beauty and wonder.

From cabin comradery to plant life lessons taught by Woodcraft’s resident naturalist, rangers learn that they are part of a bigger world that calls on them to be their best selves. They learn to be better teammates, partners and members of their community.

Our History

Over our 99-year history, Woodcraft has hosted camp in a number of idyllic Southern California locations, ranging from Lake Arrowhead to Big Bear and Lake Castaic. Located at an altitude of 5,500 feet, we are thrilled to call Mountain Center our new camp home.

This historic land was home to the Cahuilla Indians from the 1840s through the 1920s. In 1959, Girl Scouts of Orange County, who own the land today, purchased the land with the help of Joe Scherman. Born in 1902, Scherman became California’s first state ranger, where he developed many fire protection programs, formed the county’s first volunteer fire department, and spearheaded a fire control program that provided work for unemployed men during the depression.

Mr. Scherman also worked with the Marine Corps to implement helicopter help in fighting forest fires. In the early 1950s, he started an Orange County Junior Ranger Program. A steward of nature, Joe Scherman retired in 1963 after 33 years of service as a State Ranger.

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Woodcraft Rangers campers participating in the 1970's

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