Photo Gallery from Summer 2021

Pinkety Drinkety wants you to know that there are, indeed, Wild Things in the woods.
"Selfie" captures the moment when a dinosaur helped out with a scavenger hunt.
Camp Director "Curly" and Camp Manager "Selfie" are a happy team!
Counselor Ribs leads the room in a round of Chicka-Boom.
Camp Woodcraft encourages thinking and feeling as well as playing and learning. He gets it!
Counselor Venti and the Insect Habitat made by her team. Tap. Tap. Anybody home?
Counselor "Carrot" is getting Cheetah in the Color Run. Camp names are how we know each other around here.
Down time - in more ways than one! Campers look forward to a rest from the countless activities every day, climbing, hiking and exploring.
Learning to bend that bow . . . it's a young archer in the making.
The Glow-in-theDark Party is an awesome evening. Yes, there is dancing!
It's balancing act . . . to a cheering audience who depends on each other in this game!